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The Biased Mind 


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The Biased Mind

How Evolution Shaped our Psychology

Including Anecdotes and Tips for Making Sound Decisions

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A collection of fascinating and entertaining examples to illustrate that our mental biases are more rational than we may believe

Interprets remarkable and sometimes little known research results

Provides an understanding of how evolution has shaped human thinking

Sheds light on human decision-making - in economics but also in relationships

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Beyond the book : the Biased Mind follow-up

About the authors

Michel De Lara

Michel De Lara is an internationally renowned scholar in the mathematics of risk and decision for sustainable management. He has broad interests that encompass ecology, psychology and economics.

Jérôme Boutang

Jérôme Boutang is Executive Director of the Center on Atmospheric Pollution and Greenhouse Gases (CITEPA), in Paris, France. He has long been confronted with risk perceptions regarding food and environmental issues.

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